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Editorial: Why a statutory body to regulate Medical, Nursing and Midwifery Practice in the Southern Sudan is crucial.

A cross sectional survey of private medical practice in Juba Town, Southern Sudan, by a committee composed of representatives of the Directorates of Medical, Nursing and Midwifery including staff of Juba Teaching Hospital in 2008, revealed that 22% of private clinics are run by untrained nurses. The committee also demonstrated that four out of 83 clinics inspected are run by herbalists who perform haemorrhoidectomies at the extortionate cost of 600 - 700 Sudanese pounds per procedure...

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The NGO, Teaching-aids At Low Cost (TALC), has been providing learning material for health workers in less privileged countries for over 40 years. Starting with teaching slide sets and interactive scripts, it moved on to provide low cost books, accessories and more recently, free and low-priced CDs.

News and Reports from Southern Sudan - February 2009

On May 17, 2008, in Juba, 11 Sudanese-Canadian physicians were recognised for completing medical training and returning to Southern Sudan to practice. Few internationally educated physicians are prepared to return to a homeland as challenging as Southern Sudan

Clinical Guidance

How to Insert a Chest Drain

Chest drains are commonly used in the treatment and management of various acute and chronic conditions in many different clinical settings, especially when respiratory function is compromised. Whilst it is usually the responsibility of the doctor to insert the chest drain, it is the responsibility of both the nurse and doctor to maintain the drain and monitor the patient...

Management of Dependence on Alcohol - Part 2

The management of alcohol dependence consists of psychological, social and pharmacotherapeutic interventions aimed at reducing alcohol associated problems. This involves detoxification and rehabilitation...


A Retrospective Analysis of Mortality Distribution in Juba Teaching Hospital, Southern Sudan

Southern Sudan has one of the highest rates of maternal mortality in world1. However there is very little reliable published data on admissions and mortality rates in secondary and tertiary care. Despite being a large teaching hospital, documentation at JTH is often poor and official statistics on admissions and mortality are sparse and their reliability is sometimes questionable. For this reason we undertook a retrospective descriptive analysis...

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Zinc Supplements Reduce Diarrhoea in Drug Users with HIV.HIV, antiretroviral treatment, and HIV sexual transmission: what’s new? Congo-Kinshasa: Pre-eclampsia reduction...