About SSMJ

The South Sudan Medical Journal (SSMJ) was started in February 2008, as the Southern Sudan Medical Bulletin (SSMB), a joint venture between South Sudanese and British doctors who wanted to make a free, accessible journal for all branches of healthcare in South Sudan. It published regular quarterly journals that were distributed and read by healthcare staff in government and non-government organisations (NGO’s) throughout the region.

On the 16th April 2009 the SSMB became a charity and was renamed  the Southern Sudan Medical Journal and in July 2011, in line with national independence, was renamed as the South Sudan Medical Journal.

Our vision is to see a well trained, skilled professionals delivering high quality healthcare to the population of the South Sudan. Our mission is to publish research and clinical guidance that will positively influence the development of healthcare services in South Sudan.

We recognise the importance of understanding the cultural values of the people we serve. In line with this, half of our staff are local healthcare professionals working in the South Sudan, whilst the rest of the team are based in the UK. This enables us to effectively contribute to healthcare development in the country.


Note: Every effort has been made to ensure that the information and the drug names and doses quoted in this journal are correct. However readers are advised to check the doses before making prescriptions. Unless otherwise stated the doses quoted are for adults. 

The opinions, information and figures given in signed articles are the responsibility of the author/s and do not necessarily represent the views of the South Sudan Medical Journal.

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