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Current Edition: August 2020

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Double Issue

Vol 13 No 3 August 2020


COVID-19: A Crisis Within a Crisis 

Nyakomi Adwok

Leeds General Infirmary, National Inpatient Centre for Psychological Medicine, Leeds, UK


A Note on the CORONAVIRUS Special Issue 

Edward Kenyi 

Editor-in-Chief, South Sudan Medical Journal

This special issue on COVID-19  has been produced by the SSMJ editorial team and SSMJ supporters inside and outside South Sudan. We  have put together an issue that deals entirely with the COVID-19 pandemic, drawing on reputable sources including WHO, UNICEF and CDC. 

COVID-19 is a new disease and new insights into the disease are being learnt every day. We continue to identify new symptoms and signs and management plans are evolving as our experience grows. People react differently to the disease. Most who develop serious problems and who succumb tend to be elderly or have underlying health conditions. We have  selected the information that provides reliable guidance according to current knowledge. Apologies if any links do not work in the future.

We hope this information will be useful to those dealing with the pandemic in South Sudan, and add to that provided by the government and other sources. These papers are just a start to the coverage of COVID-19 that SSMJ will be providing in future issues and on our website. 

We welcome contributions and suggestions from our readers, and we thank all the authors and reviewers who helped us to produce this special issue in a very short time.

Editor-in-Chief  [email protected]