Join The South Sudan Medical Journal Editorial Team

Author(s): South Sudan Medical Journal

SSMJ, the only medical journal in South Sudan, is free online and published quarterly by the Health and Social Science Research Institute of South Sudan (HSSRI-SS). SSMJ is looking for volunteers, with an interest in health care in South Sudan, for the following roles:

  • Support/understudy/Deputy to the Editorial Advisor: requires experience in academic editing, some IT skills including using Drop Box and Google Drive, patience, and time to respond rapidly to a few emails each day.
  • Understudy/Deputy to the Editor-in-Chief: requires experience in academic editing and publishing, ability to manage a website, and several hours each quarter for formatting, publishing, and distributing the journal.
  • Copyeditor: requires ability to edit academic English, preferably with a knowledge of medicine and public health in Africa, and basic statistics.
  • Promoter to more widely disseminate SSMJ: requires knowledge of social media relevant to South Sudanese/African health professionals, IT skills, and approximately an hour or two each week.

If you are interested in any of the above and/or want more information 

email: [email protected]  and