Obituary: William Lual Gang

Author(s): Peter Pal Chol

Prepared by Peter Pal Chol

William Lual Gang was born in 1952 in in Akobo, Jonglei state, South Sudan. From 1962 to 1973 he attended Akobo North Primary School. When the war intensified, William had to move to Malakal and attended Nursing School in 1975 from where he graduated with a certificate. He was then employed in Malakal Teaching Hospital, and also worked in Renk and Wadakona Civil Hospitals. In 1980 he enrolled in the Omdurman Health Sciences Training Institute and graduated with a Diploma in Ophthalmic Theatre Attendance. He then worked in Waledeen Eye Hospital in Khartoum.

In 1999 William got a job with the Norwegian Aid Organisation and was trained in trachoma surgery. He was assigned to Pibor county, Jonglei State where he performed eye surgeries. In the same year, he came to Juba Teaching Hospital and was employed by the Chairman of the Coordinating Council of South Sudan, Dr Riek Gai, who is now National Minister of Health. William’s task was to oversee the enrolment of students at the Juba Health Sciences Training Institute; during his time four batches of students graduated with Diplomas as medical assistants, laboratory assistants and theatre attendants. At the same time he was treating patients with trachoma in the Eye Department. In 2012, William was appointed as the Hospital Administrator by Dr Joseph Nguen Monytuil, the Minister of Health. He served there diligently until 2016 when, until his death, he was the Member of Parliament representing Akobo Constituency

William had to live with diabetes and hypertension for over ten years. He was married with nine wives and is survived with many children and grandchildren. He was an excellent volleyball player and was popularly known as Yawlo among his peers. On the 4th September 2017, William was admitted to hospital with hypoglycaemia and severe hypotension. He suddenly went into a deep coma and developed acute multiple organ failure. He died on the 9th September 2017.

Prepared by Peter Pal Chol.