Free health education DVDs in Juba Arabic

Author(s): Poppy Spens RN RM RHV DTN

Free health education DVDs in Juba Arabic

Education saves lives - it's simple

Early in 2011, Martha PHCC, Yei (a PHCC with a mobile outreach) contacted Thare Machi, a charity that produces interactive health education DVDs for use in developing countries. The Yei team (Figure 1) translated and recorded six topics into Juba Arabic and sent them to UK where they were made into DVDs. These cover the following   topics: You and your new baby, Safe water, Avoiding malaria, Bednets can save lives, Immunisation and Basic hygiene.


Figure 1. Rev. Obadiah Batali and Tabitha Buheitel preparing a DVD.


These have been used in rural communities in Yei County and have proved very popular and effective as teaching tools. All that is required is a TV and DVD player or, for rural areas, a laptop with a large screen, good fully charged battery and the DVDs. Interested organisations can contact TME ([email protected]) to obtain single copies of the Juba Arabic lessons. TME do not have the funds to supply multiple copies, but the discs are not subject to copyright restrictions and so can be copied as needed. Visit for details.

Poppy Spens



Thare Machi Education is a UK registered charity which aims to:

  • Help women and children in the developing world achieve their potential and enable them to have more choice
  • Pioneer new, robust, simple teaching technologies at village level
  • Provide access to basic education in the local language
  • Work with local partners

And through these measures to:

  • Reduce the numbers of women and children in forced labour or having to resort to prostitution
  • Reduce the HIV infection rates, particularly amongst women and children
  • Relieve disability amongst children and young people.

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