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SOSDA Announces that the registration of new members, production of membership cards and updating of register of old members is now on!

Registration Guidelines

An individual wishing to register as a member in SOSDA should fulfil the following criteria:

1. Must be a South Sudanese

2. Be a graduate of college of Medicine, Dentistry or Pharmacy

3. Registered in the Sudan Medical Council or equivalent

4. Paramedical staff and students of the above colleges can register as affiliated members

5. Must accept and abide by the constitution of the Association.

6. Fill and submit the registration form with copies of the following documents enclosed

a) Birth or assessment of age certificate

b) Nationality certificate/Passport

c) Certificates – basic degree/postgraduate

d) Registration certificate from the Sudan Medical Council or equivalent

e) Two recent photos (passport size)

g) An official statement from the college (students)

7. Must pay the registration fee SDG 50

8. Annual subscription fees SDG 300


Please contact the SOSDA Office in Juba for the Registration forms or send an email to the address below:

South Sudan Doctors’ Association

Secretariat Office

Ministry of Health Compound, GOSS

Juba, Southern Sudan


Email: [email protected], [email protected]

Tel: +249(0)90 838 333 665 / (0)955 103 487