COVID-19 resources from Africa and beyond


Below is a list of some of the many free documents and websites that can add to the information in the papers published in this issue of SSMJ. Many are regularly updated. Let us know of other resources relevant to those working in and with South Sudan. The resources are grouped into those from:

  • UN and other international agencies
  • African and other Governments
  • NGOs and other organizations
  • Journals.

Resources from UN and other international agencies


UNICEF South Sudan

World Food Programme (WFP) South Sudan

World Health Organization (WHO)

WHO/Africa Regional Office (AFRO)

Pan American Health Organization (PAHO)

Interagency Standing Committee COVID-19 How to include marginalized and vulnerable people in risk communication and community engagement

Resources from/for African and other Governments

US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Africa Union. Africa CDC



UK Government/Public Health England

Resources from NGOs and other organizations

African Federation for Emergency Medicine has resources for clinical case management of COVID-19 infections in low-resource settings

British Psychological Society

Center for Global Development Strengthening basic care and providing oxygen for COVID-19 patients in low resource settings.

Cochrane. Continuously updated special collections:

Commonwealth Pharmacists Association newsletter. Covid-19 related sources.  See Resources.

Communication Therapy International has list of resources explaining the virus in several languages These include:

Geo Poll Report: The Impact Of COVID-19 Across Africa updated


Humanitarian Response COVID-19 RCSMCE Strategy South Sudan

MEDBOX - guidelines, educational materials, situation updates, posters, infographics, videos in numerous languages and for different audiences (including refugees, prisons).

Medicines for Humanity Materials for use in local communities and community health clinics, using WHO guidelines - curriculum, and posters:

NCD Alliance  Coronavirus (COVID-19) resources relevant to non-communicable diseases at

Picturing Health COVID videos

Relief Web COVID-19: How to include marginalized and vulnerable people in risk communication and community engagement

Royal College of Physiatrists COVID-19: Staying well and monitoring health at home

Scientific Animations Without Borders (SAWBO) - animation “Protecting Yourself Against Coronavirus.”  

World Obesity Federation Associations between COVID-19 and obesity and its comorbidities.


British Medical Journal

New England Journal Medicine

The Lancet