Small Baby Series


The Small Baby Series are 27 short teaching videos demonstrate life-saving practices such as how to keep premature babies warm with skin-to-skin care, and how to feed them with a cup or feeding tube before they’re strong enough to breastfeed. The series also includes five videos designed specifically for mothers to demystify the needs of premature infants and help them care for their babies both in the hospital and at home.
The series was filmed in Bangladesh, Uganda, and Nepal. Working in partnership with the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), we developed the content to complement their Essential Care for Small Babies training program based on the latest WHO guidelines. Newborn experts from AAP and WHO reviewed the videos to ensure they demonstrate international best practices.

For example, watch:

The Global Health Media Project welcomes your feedback and would appreciate hearing your stories about how these videos help your training, practice, or care.

The Small Baby Series is one of the series of videos under the Global Health Media – others cover Newborns, Child Birth, Breastfeeding and Cholera.

The Small Baby Series was funded by the Laerdal Foundation and many individual and family donors from the Mad River Valley in Vermont, and beyond.