Editorial: How can you help SSMJ?


Editorial: How can you help SSMJ?


If you are reading this you know that ‘SSMJ’ is a journal and a website. But you may not realize that SSMJ is also a charity.

The journal is overseen by the Editor-in-Chief, Edward Luka, supported by the Editorial Board and a team of Reviewers under the Chief Reviewer, David Tibbutt. However it would not be possible to produce this journal without the many people who contribute excellent articles and news both from within and outside South Sudan. We thank you all – please continue sending us your materials.

Our website has been set up and is managed by our IT team under James Ayrton. This is evolving over time and already we are pleased that on it you will find reports from South Sudan, a blog and e-learning zone (set up by David Attwood) – as well as a searchable archive of the journal.. We also have ‘Ask SSMJ’, a service by which you can send medical questions to be answered by relevant experts.

Underpinning the journal and website is the SSMJ charity with four Trustees based in UK. It is through the charity that SSMJ has raised most of the funds needed to produce the journal, maintain the website and develop the e-learning zone Funding for printing copies of the journal has, up to now, come mainly from the South Sudan Doctors’ Association.


How can you help SSMJ?
SSMJ belongs above all to its readers and users. For us to progress and become an even better journal and website we need your input. So what can you do? Here are some ideas – but let us know if you have more.

You can:

  • Send us articles, case studies and news to publish in the journal
  • Tell us of key South Sudan reports that we can upload on the website
  • Visit the website and tell us what you like and how we can improve it
  • Read the journal and tell us what you like or don’t like, what you want more of
  • Suggest topics for new articles
  • If you get a hard/print copy of the journal share it with colleagues
  • Send us names of colleagues to add to our mailing list
  • Donate to the SSMJ charity – you can do this via the website


We look forward to hearing from you. You can contact us by emailing [email protected]


Eluzai Abe Hakim, David Attwood, James Ayrton and Rachel Ayrton

Trustees of the South Sudan Medical Journal charity