Author(s): SSMJ

We at SSMJ would like to acknowledge the achievements and offer our heart-felt congratulations to the following:


Dr Eluzai Abe Hakim, our UK-based editor, who has been appointed International Advisor to Royal College of Physicians representing South Sudan. International Advisors represent the College internationally and act as a point of contact between local Members and Fellows and the College. In addition

Dr Hakim will:

  • advise the College about relevant South Sudan issues, particularly as they affect medical education and the practice of medicine.
  • alert the College to opportunities in relation to College expertise.
  • advise on the selection of local candidates for postgraduate training in the UK.
  • advise on potential partner institutions in their country or region.
  • advise the College on the suitability of candidates for the Fellowship


Dr Charles Ochero Cornelio Langoya Opiny (MBBS, PGD HIV/AIDS) who has passed his MRCP (UK) Part 1 exam and has been accepted by the Royal College of Physicians of London for clinical training on the 2-year Medical Training Initiative for overseas Doctors.  


Dr Francis Geri (MBBS) who passed the MRCOG (UK) exam at Khartoum Overseas Centre.


Dr Dario Kuron Lado (MBBS, FS SMSB) who has passed the MRCS Part A (previously part 1 & 2) exam. 


Dr Moses Maror Ayuel Rehan (MBBS) who has passed the MRCOG Part 1 exam.