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South Sudan Corona Dashboard

Click for on-going updates on COVID-19 in South Sudan. Corona Scanner is a free online dashboard solution which offers real-time coronavirus statistics like the amount of infections, deaths, still sick and recovered people per country. More statistics are coming very soon. The data displayed on this website originate from reliable sources (global health institutes) and is automatically updated every 30 seconds. Please note that the data only includes verified cases, which means that the exact numbers can vary from the numbers provided by news / social media sources.

Seven things to know about COVID-19 variants in Africa 

22 January 2021 Brazzaville. New COVID-19 variants have emerged in Africa as the continent records a new peak in infections. While virus mutations are not unusual, those that are more infectious are worrisome. On this site Professor Francisca Mutapi, Professor in Global Health Infection and Immunity, University of Edinburgh, answers the following questions.

1. Why do viruses mutate, and should we be worried about SARS-CoV-2 variants?

2. Mutation, variants, lineages and strains are used quite often. What is the difference?

3. How many variants are circulating in Africa and what do we know about them?

4. What is the implication of the variants on COVID-19 transmission, therapeutics and vaccines?

5. Does vaccine development take virus mutation into consideration?

6. Can vaccines be restructured to tackle virus mutations that emerge later?

7. What should Africa countries do to better respond to the new variants?