International Medical Corps strengthens nutrition alert and surveillance systems in South Sudan


In 2015 International Medical Corps (IMC) established a Nutrition Alert and Surveillance Strengthening (NASS) team to support the Food Security and Nutrition Monitoring System (FSNMS), the primary national information system, and Integrated Food Security Phase Classification (IPC), and by January 2019, 52 multiple-type surveys had been conducted in IMC operational and non-operational areas to inform IPC analysis and programme interventions. Lessons learned include the need for thorough planning and preparation pre-survey; good communication and coordination within and outside the organisation; investment in team capacity-building and supervision for collection of high-quality data; and the necessity for a multi-sector approach in data analysis. The 2019-2021 strategy includes plans to further build the capacity of the IMC surveillance team; mobilise funds for a centralised, online surveillance data hub; increase support for country-wide surveys; and introduce cost-recovery for surveys in IMC non-operational areas.

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