Wau Health Sciences Institute graduates 16 students from the School of Midwifery

Author(s): James Deng Dimo


WAU 13, December 2018 [Gurtong] - Among the students were 10 females and 6 males. According to the school principal, this is the first batch of diploma students since the establishment of the institute. Jane Edward, the principal said the new graduates are tasked with helping expectant women in hospitals to reduce maternal mortality rates in the country.

“They have been here for three years from 2015 and today they are graduating and we are sure that they are going to save communities with the knowledge that they have gotten here. Our goal is to reduce maternal mortality rates. So through training of these students, they can go and save the community outside,” said the principal.

Some of the students that spoke to Gurtong during the graduation expressed their excitement and readiness to save the community in need of their services. “I am Christian Paul, one of the graduates at Wau Sciences Health Institute. Our purpose when we came to this school is to save our country and our people to reduce maternal mortality rates and, of course, as we are going out from here, we are going to do so,” said Paul.

Reproduced with permission from the Gurtong Trust