Congratulations to Dr. Victor Vuni


Dr Victor Vuni Joseph has passed his degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Medicine at the University of Leeds, School of Medicine, United Kingdom.

            The subject of his Doctorate Research is ‘Why and how new technologies fail or succeed to embed in routine health services’ drawing on lessons from the implementation of telehealth (telemedicine). The purpose of the study is to help worthwhile new technologies to embed in routine health service delivery in order to improve access to healthcare, reduce hospital admissions, save costs of delivering healthcare, improve quality of life, and save lives. The thesis can be accessed at

            Dr Joseph, a Fellow of the Faculty of Public Health of the Royal College of Physicians of the United Kingdom, has been a Consultant in Public Health in Doncaster, England for over 10 years. He is an Educational Supervisor for the specialist public health training programme of the UK Faculty of Public Health (FPH), and co-chair of Public Health Africa, a special interest group of the FPH.

He remained engaged in supporting the Ministry of Health in Juba, South Sudan since the formation of Government of South Sudan (GOSS) following the Comprehensive Peace Agreement of 2005.