Editorial: The SSMJ Website, Blog and Facebook Group

Author(s): Jon Davenport

Editorial: The SSMJ Website, Blog and Facebook Group

The South Sudan Medical Journal (SSMJ) blog http://southsudanmedicaljournal.wordpress.com has been running for over a year, and during this time its readership has increased massively. With over 500 views a month we are able to promote the work of the SSMJ and provide health news from South Sudan.

By signing up to the SSMJ blog by clicking the ‘Follow’ button and entering your e-mail address you will automatically be informed of new posts and when the latest SSMJ issue has been published. In addition we provide firsthand accounts from medical and health professionals working or teaching in South Sudan. These reports are eye opening and discuss the challenges faced by staff, as well as demonstrating incredible medical improvements and new ways of thinking. Recent blog posts from Dr David Attwood, who was teaching in South Sudan, demonstrate how the Juba Teaching Hospital is going from strength to strength.

To compliment the blog we have also set up a Facebook group called simply the ‘South Sudan Medical Journal’ - see www.facebook.com/groups/174154965991358. We hope that members will use the group as a forum to discuss ideas and for people with similar professional interests to exchange information. The group can also be used by doctors and nurses working in South Sudan to inform colleagues and friends about how they are getting on.

To keep both the blog and Facebook group relevant they rely on the support of readers, and so we are always looking for health related articles as well as up-to-date news to share. We hope that you will visit the blog and Facebook group. If you would like to contribute any articles or have come across interesting news reports that you think we should highlight, please get in touch, either by emailing [email protected]  or posting information on our Facebook group.

Also do not forget to visit our website www.southsudanmedicaljournal.com where we regularly upload resources materials and other relevant documents. On the website, you will also find all the previous issues of the SSMJ. To receive notices of new editions, send an email to [email protected].