Tribute to Our Friend, Brother and Colleague Dr Frederick Khamis Tawad

Author(s): Dr Louis Edward Danga

We are profoundly devastated and saddened by the untimely passing on of our friend, brother and colleague Dr Frederick Khamis in Nairobi, Kenya on 14th May 2022. I had the privilege of being one of his closest friends for several years. Recently, I travelled to see him in Nairobi on his sick bed and encouraged him to be determined to get well so that he can quickly return to serve the people of South Sudan in his capacity as a surgeon and a mentor. Those who had the same privilege of knowing him know how much he loved his work. He was always there to deliver and, as one of the finest and bravest surgeons of his time, he was always determined to save lives.

Dr Frederick strongly believed in local initiatives and innovations, teamwork and networking. He was very much committed working for the common good. He freely and unconditionally helped many people to succeed thus, lending him many friends from different categories of people across South Sudan. Dr Frederick believed that nations cannot be built without first building people’s capacity. I have no doubt he had contributed in building South Sudan both directly and indirectly. Therefore, let the people, friends and colleagues and indeed his children who still have chance to live for more years keep his legacy shining. 

I am personally connected to Dr Frederick in many ways but I would just like to mention three important ones. 

Firstly, and professionally, he inspired and mentored me throughout my medical career and always celebrated with me my professional achievements. 

Secondly, and socially, he represented my family during the earlier processes of my marriage arrangements. And,  just before his illness started, he remained strongly connected to my family and in many ways continued to support my family and me. As he stood firm with us, we will do the same to his family in return. 

Thirdly, and in terms of institutions, I worked very closely with him and other colleagues to build Gudele Medical and Surgical Home and Doctors on Move, where he was the President. Both institutions provided remarkable medical services to the people of South Sudan. Dear all, let us keep faith in God because in all kinds and times of immeasurable loss such as the untimely death of our friend, our colleague, our brother, our father, our educator, our inspirer, our motivator; God will always create an exit. God will always provide solutions, God will always create new opportunities, God will always provide for the needs of the family and children. God hear our prayers. 

We all know that in the history of mankind, no person has ever lived forever. However, that which lives forever is our individual legacies. Dr Frederick has left a legacy that will live forever. Rest In Peace, my friend. 

Lastly, I would like to extend my thanks to everyone here, friends, colleagues and family members who unconditionally supported Dr Frederick and his family during the time of his illness. Special thanks to colleagues in Nairobi who helped physically and been with the family throughout. Thanks also to the women’s group in Kampala for their unwavering support. Let us continue to support this family especially the children.

May your soul rest in peace my good friend. We are proud of you and will continue to celebrate you. Fare thee well, Kemi. 

Dr Frederick Khamis Tawad Biography

Frederick Khamis Tawad Ayuku is a Kakwa from the Bura na Mose clan in Payawa Boma of Mugwo Payam, Yei River County. He was born in Yei on 17th October 1969 and died in Nairobi Kenya on the 14th May 2022. His parents were late Eng. Tawad Ayuku Sartiel and Jennifer Muna Tadayo from Bura na Bebe clan, Yari Boma of Mugwo Payam. Late Prof. Fred was married to Madam Suraya Rudolf, Elizabeth Peter and Lily Johnson Kibo and God has blessed them with 12 children and 1 has died. 

Education background

  • Primary Education at Payawa village school (1976-1982)
  • Kujo-meje Intermediate school (l982-1984) 
  • Yei Day secondary School (1985-1989)
  • University of Juba college of medicine (1990 –1996)


  • Associate Professor of Surgery, college of Medicine, University of Juba from 2018.
  • Head of the department of Surgery at Juba University (2017 up to the time of his death),
  • President of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of South Sudan and Director for special training in the College and a lead in training of Associate Clinicians and Tutorship Training Program at the College of Physicians and Surgeons of South Sudan (2017 up to time of his death).
  • Chair of  The Medical Advisory Panel (MAP) to the National Taskforce on COVID-19
  • South Sudan Country Representative in the College of Surgeon of East, Central and Southern African (COSECSA). 
  • Deputy Dean of the College of Physicians and Surgeon of South Sudan (2015-2017).
  • President of the Doctors on Move-Charitable organization providing medical care services to the poor without access to secondary level of care (From 2012 up to the time of his death)
  • Head Surgeon Gudele Medical and Surgical Home, private hospital providing a wide range of medical services (From 2012 up to the time of his death).
  • Assistant professor of Surgery, School of Medicine, University of Juba and consultant Surgeon Juba teaching hospital (2013 -2018).
  • Consultant General Surgeon and Head of Surgical Disciplines –Nyala Teaching Hospital and Associate Lecturer at Al-Fashier University in Darfur (2004-2012)
  • Served as Medical Officer and later as a Registrar in many hospitals in Sudan from (1998- 2004).

Dr Frederick Khamis started feeling unwell in January 2022. He traveled to Nairobi on the 6th March 2022 for Medical Check-ups. Five days later his condition worsened and was admitted to Nairobi Hospital with acute renal failure where he underwent dialysis and other treatments and was discharged two weeks later. Although that acute attack was controlled, his condition worsened and was re-admitted at the Coptic Hospital where he developed a cardiac arrest and died on the 14th May 2022.