Quiz August 2019

Author(s): Editors

Dodoma, Tanzania CS paper:

1. What were the main indications for primary Caesarean Section?

2. What was the prevalence of primary Caesarean Section?

Dar es Salaam CRS paper:

3. Which nasal sinuses are most commonly affected by chronic rhinosinusitis (CRS)?

4. What was the prevalence of CRS reported?

5. What were the four main presenting features of CRS?

Nigerian MDR paper:

6. What virus affecting immunity is associated with TB?

7. Which age group was reported with the highest incidence of TB  multiple drug resistance?

Dodoma, Tanzania maternal BMI paper:

8. Name three factors listed in this paper that affect foetal health.

9. What characteristics of the placenta seem to be related to low maternal BMI?

10. Does the placenta have an endocrine function?

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1. Foetal distress, prolonged labour, obstructed labour and malposition of the baby.

2. 21.6%

3. Maxillary sinuses.

4. 1.07%

5. Nasal obstruction, nasal discharge, postnasal discharge, reduced sense of smell.

6. HIV.

7. 60 years and over.

8. Maternal characteristics, placenta function and umbilical cord morphology.

9. Low placental weight, fewer cotyledons, placental thickness.

10. Yes.