Advert : Help to develop the role of Diabetes Nurse Specialist for South Sudan


The Directorate of Nursing and Midwifery in the Ministry of Health, South Sudan, is seeking a partner(s) to develop the role of a Diabetes Nurse Specialist (DNS) to deliver much needed diabetes care in various parts of South Sudan.

            Diabetes is increasing in prevalence in middle-aged people in South Sudan possibly due to life style changes especially changes in dietary habits; smoking and adoption of a sedentary lifestyle may also be contributory factors. There is no diabetes clinic in South Sudan and no physician with interest in this condition. I believe that a trained Registered Nurse in diabetes care will make a great deal of difference in the diagnosis, management and prevention of complications in this condition. Increasing numbers of lower limb amputations in people presenting late with the diagnosis of diabetes are seen. The prevalence of kidney injury, blindness, strokes, ischaemic heart disease and nerve injury complicating diabetes are unknown.

            Any organisations with interest in nurse training are welcome to partner with my Directorate in the training of Registered Nurses in Diabetes Care. The role of the DNS will be valued by our developing society and prevent the complications of this condition.

Those charities that are interested in forming a partnership with my Directorate to develop this role may contact me on the email address below for discussions and the way forward.

[email protected]


Janet K Michael

Director General for Nursing & Midwifery

Ministry of Health, Government of the Republic of South Sudan