The Royal College written exams: How to pass and how to use the e-learning portal


The only way to pass the written exams:

The purpose ofthe e-learning portal is to assist trainees with their written exams. This portal will allow trainees to gain exclusive access to online companies such as and, which have online question banks containing thousands of mock questions. It is impossible to pass the writtenexams by reading text books only: the Royal Colleges ask certain questions that textbooks often fail to answer. The only way to pass is to answer at least 2,000 practice questions. When you get a question wrong, do not go to the next question. Look in a book, go online, and find out why you got the question wrong and why the right answer is the right answer. This is the only way to pass.

How to access the learning portal:

Once you have made the decision to take the Royal College exams, please contact Dr Edward Luka +249912925346 at the South Sudan Doctors Association (SoSDA) or email [email protected]. Then follow the following steps:

1) A deposit of BP £80 or USD $131 or SSP 390 will be required. This should be paid into thefollowing account:

South Sudan Medical Journal, Equity Bank

Account numbers : (SSP) 2001211149150(USD) 2001211149151

2) Once this is done, show Dr Luka or provide SSMJ with copy of the deposit as proof. Then email the SSMJ on

[email protected].

3) The South Sudan Medical Journal (SSMJ) willthen give you a password to use for This will last for six months and gives access to the following mock exam questions:

  • MRCP Part 1 and 2 written
  • MRCS Part 1 and 2
  • MRCPCH Part 1 A and B
  • MRCPCH Part 2
  • MRCOG Part 1 and 2
  • FRCA Primary
  • FRCR Part 1

Please note: 1 password = oneexam. Furthermore, you will also be given the password to which houses further questions for the MRCP part 1 andpart 2 written. This password will last for one year.

4) Log on to and click on the e-learning portal and then choose the hyperlink that you wish to go to. In the case of

a) click on 'Find my exam' box, and click 'Go'.

b) select the 6 month subscription length fromthe drop down list and click the 'Buy Now' button

c) Give your email address and password toregister. At the checkout page, fill inyour name and address details. Towards the top of this page, there is a box labelled: 'voucher code'.Enter your code and click the 'Submit Code' button. Ifthe code is valid, the total price willchange to £0.00.

d) Tick the 'I accept' box, then click theyellow 'Place order now' button.

5) Once you have been accepted to the RoyalCollege exam, if you show proof of this to SSMJ/SoSDA, you will be refunded 50%of the fee you gave us as a goodwill gesture (£40 or $65 or SSP 195).

We hope that you find this service useful. Good luck for the exams.