Appeal for cancer services in South Sudan

Author(s): Dr Ronald Woro

[email protected]

Dear Readers,

I am writing from the newly born country of South Sudan. I am a physician who has recently relocated here after 22 years in the UK. One huge problem that this new country faces is lack of facilities for the treatment of all types of cancers. In my short stay here (i.e. less than six months) I, with the help of the only histopathologist, have diagnosed more than fifteen blood and lymph node related cancers. Most of these were in young people. The majority of these are from the poor sector of the society and are unable to travel outside the country were these facilities may be available. Recently a 30-year old woman with pancytopaenia as a result of AML was sent home to die from the only teaching hospital in Juba, the capital of this new country! As far as I know there are no plans for such a facility at hand. Please - this is a cry for help for your fellow Africans who have ever been suffering. 

Kind regards 

Dr Ronald Woro

PS I have started a rudimentary "Cancer Registry" and would appreciate help in developing it.