Southern Sudan Doctor's Association


 The South Sudan Doctors’ Association (SOSDA) is a non-governmental, non-profit professional organization established in 2005 by South Sudanese doctors in Sudan.

SOSDA strives to work with the people of South Sudan in all sectors to restore the basic and quality health service which is accessible to all irrespective of sex, tribe or religion.

Vision: A quality health service for people of South Sudan.

Mission: SOSDA exists to ensure healthy and productive generations in South Sudan, through quality, accessible and affordable health services.


The main objective of the Association is to ensure quality health services for the people of South Sudan.

The specific objectives of the Association are:

  • To enhance the role and contribution of medical doctors in the development of health services.
  • To act as a forum for expressing doctors views with regards to the prevailing health problems and their solutions
  • To promote the ethics, norms and tradition of the medical profession.
  • To advocate and protect the rights of health professionals.
  • To improve the working and living conditions of health professionals.
  • To strengthen relations among health professionals and promote the spirit of cooperation and group work.


 The main activities of the Association shall include:

  • Representing and speaking on behalf of health professionals.
  • Encouraging and participating in the training of health professionals.
  • Participating in raising health awareness in the community.
  • Encouraging and supporting scientific research and conducting conferences, workshops and symposia on health issues.
  • Seeking scholarships and soliciting funds for training of health professionals.
  • Giving technical support and advice to the health authorities.
  • Participating in planning and coordinating health activities with other organizations.
  • Conducting social and recreational activities to enhance relations among the health professionals.
  • Organizing fund-raising activities.


 a. Types of Membership:

 There are three types of Membership: members, affiliated members and honorary members.

¨ Members are graduates of colleges of medicine, dentistry and pharmacy and registered in the Sudan Medical Council.

¨ Affiliated members are the paramedical staff and students of medicine, dentistry and pharmacy.

¨ Honorary members: are persons or groups who are awarded SOSDA membership for their contribution to health services in South Sudan or SOSDA.

b. Conditions of membership:

 The Membership of the Association is open to all South Sudanese Doctors who accept the Association’s objectives and undertake to abide by the Constitution. Members and affiliated members fill in membership forms and pay registration fees fixed by the executive committee.


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