Information for Authors

Author(s): Eluzai Hakim

The Southern Sudan Medical Journal (SSMJ) is a quarterly peer–reviewed publication intended for the consumption of Healthcare Professionals working in the Southern Sudan or those Healthcare Professionals in other parts of the world seeking information on health in the Southern Sudan. It will be published in mid-February, May, August and November of each year.

The Journal aims to offer education and information to Healthcare Professionals in all Specialties and identify research which will inform development of Health Services in the Southern Sudan.

The content of the Journal will consist of reports of original research, critical/systematic reviews, case reports, clinical photographic materials, obituaries, letters to the Editor, use of drugs, medical news of public interest, nutrition matters, public health issues and history of health services in the Southern Sudan.

Articles submitted to SSMB must not be submitted simultaneously to other publications and should not have been accepted for publication elsewhere. All articles will be reviewed by two independent reviewers (peer-reviewed). All authors must declare any conflict of interest as will members of the Editorial Board.

Articles of any author(s) suspected of medical or other misconduct will not be published. Depending on the seriousness of the matter, the authors will be reported to the appropriate Regulatory Bodies wherever they live.

Referencing articles

SSMB has adopted the Vancouver style in which references are cited in numerical order as below. For economy of space journal names may be written in full or abbreviated, viz:

i) Majok MN, New Treatment for Trypanosomiasis. BMJ 2008; 400 : 10 –  15.

ii) Lado CS, Woro ME. Health Development in Southern Sudan. Juba University Press: 2010.

iii) Gbuduwe C, Lumayat A, editors. The Nodding Disease, 10th Edition. Nairobi : East African Publishing House 1998.

References should accompany a statement quoted as superscript, for example, "reduced efficacy demonstrated2."

Capitalise Book titles
Page numbers should be written as 10 – 19 (meaning from 10 to 19). Journal Titles may be abbreviated for example BMJ (for British Medical Journal). Reports should be written beginning with the origin of the Report followed by the title, the Publisher, the year and possibly include the website, for example,

Department of Health. National Service Framework for Coronary Disease. London : DOH (Department of Health 2000 ( from BMJ guideline for authors).